Quality Assurance


Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort.
There must be the will to produce a superior thing.
---John Ruskin


You know there are lots of challenges these days, and they change at a moment’s notice. HIPAA. Interoperability mandates. Data privacy policies. Obamacare. Retail hacking. Privacy theft. Credit card theft. Data security breaches can mean not only dissatisfied customers, but also heavy fines and even licensing consequences. You don’t want to mess around here.

There are all kinds of Quality Assurance services. You want the kind that really protects your interests — your functionality… your efficient business processes…your domains and tools… your customer satisfaction… your uptime… your profitability.

TechVelocity Partners is built on quality, from the ground up. Our parent company specialized in sophisticated QA. Now our Gen3 QA is spot on.

TVP’s QA division stands apart — literally!

We make sure we operate independently of our other business units, so you can rest assured we’re not playing CYA games. Like somewhat-friendly “war games,” we try to find the other team’s weaknesses as we challenge any and all options we can think of to ensure Q.

We make smart recommendations from the get-go, and test all processes rigorously.

We’re the kind of people who find those mistakes in those old “What’s Wrong With This Picture?” illustrations. Because when we find it, and fix it before you go live, we make your business operations run efficiently. Run profitably. And make everybody on your team look like heroes.


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