Risk Assessment

Risk assessment is a process of identifying, analyzing and evaluating risk to ensure the cyber security controls you choose are appropriate to the risks your organization faces. IT enterprise security risk assessments are performed to allow organizations to assess, identify and modify their overall security posture and to enable security, operations, organizational management to collaborate and view the entire organization from an attacker’s perspective. This process is required to obtain organizational management’s commitment to allocate resources and implement the appropriate security solutions.

Corporate Network Pen testing

Internal corporate LAN/WAN environments are structured to allow users greater amounts of access with fewer security controls, and this is exactly where the situation becomes exploitable. Any network design flaw or network and server vulnerabilities can result into exploitable areas which is a target of hackers. Multiple surveys indicate that most of the large scale firms and almost all mid-scale firms lack in corporate level cyber security implementations to protect themselves. However it may not be enough with changing times, and hence needs to be periodically tested via a form pen-test to ensure continued cyber security.

Website Application VAPT

Website are open to internet and hence can potentially expose sensitive data. Websites are typically vulnerable to code based or network based attacks which enables hackers to take over and control system components such as routers, firewalls, switches and servers and in worst cases, the website code. Even if the website is plain simple and static html based, it needs detailed pen-testing (VAPT testing), and is often forgotten by IT management. Unlike other website security services which focus on automated scanning, we thoroughly map your business logic, web application data flow. The combination of automated and expert-driven manual testing ensures the best result for your web applications.

Mobile Application VAPT

Mobile applications are successful tools to enhance user engagement and customer retention. As the user base is shifting to mobile applications, malicious users are also shifting their target to mobile devices.
Mobile technology uses Android or iOS operating systems. Both of those are vulnerable to security problems, just as any other operating system. Similarly, the applications created and running on those are vulnerable too, just as any other applications. Hence all applications running on a mobile device pose a bigger security threat to the data because of the following reasons

  • Data is stored on the device
  • Data flows over the wire/wireless
  • There are no definite standards on how data should be secured while being on the device.
  • There is not enough awareness on how data should be encrypted while being sent over wire/wireless.

Our mobile penetration testing solutions enables organizations to demonstrate the exploitability of Android, iOS, Blackberry and Windows applications. Our team of security test experts, with their in-depth expertise, leverage the in-house framework, industry standard tools and best practices, and real-world attack techniques, to effectively identify business critical issues and provide actionable remediation guidance.