Why Us

What makes us the right choice? 

1)  Software development lifecycle 

TechVelocity Partners helps you plan and execute at each stage far more efficiently. For better results and profitability.  You bring the concept…we’ll engineer insightful, efficient requirements for you using a proven approach:

Concept > Requirements >Design > Coding > Rollout > Testing > Maintenance & Updates

As soon as we know you’re on board with us, we help you write your requirements. We’ll give you some smarter thinking upfront so you can move ahead with a powerful trajectory

2) Technology architects add value with clarity

We can help you connect the dots and make your IT work more efficiently and produce better results. Our team makes sure they know what you want…are able to translate this efficiently into technology solutions.  We enable your vital programs to proceed with velocity.

3)  Affordable state of the art tools 

When your company's profitability and efficiency is on the line, you can’t waste time or duplicate efforts. You need to reduce TCO and faster ROI. We get it.  We produce prototypes more quickly for you than most software application companies — particularly in a number of specialty areas, including healthcare and manufacturing.  Once you have a proper and stable framework in place, your software capabilities are ready for continuous improvement.

Want more reasons to choose TechVelocity Partners?

Also, consider TVP for:

Co-Sourcing — Outsource. Insource. Or Co-Source. We will get everything done for you with our teams.

In-House — When you outsource to us, we don’t have you bouncing around to different vendors.

24/7 Support — If there’s ever a problem on a live website, app or real-time process, every minute counts.  We fix it fast when someone or something screws up.

Testing, Training & Documentation —  At your fingertips, when you need it.