This is no turf for beginners. Our team has worked extensively for ISVs in Healthcare and Life Sciences, playing a key role in ensuring customer success through domain expertise, highly proficient techno-functional professionals and services across the value chain.

Solution Accelerators and Frameworks

We have systematically planned and invested in building strong, extensible and customizable automation frameworks with a suite of ready test cases to accelerate time-to-market. Beyond HIPPA-compliant...but HIPPA focused, EHR-savvy, and user-friendly in the complicated health care universe.

With a built in technology-agnostic and modular approach, these accelerators and frameworks can be readily deployed in your projects and integrated with different tools (commercial/open source) to deliver a faster ROI for all kinds of healthcare organizations

Why Develop Analytical Functional Frameworks In Healthcare?

  • Pre-defined testing strategy – The entire solution framework comes with pre-defined test plan, test strategy, test queries to perform data validation from source to target and test scenarios. This helps reduce testing time during implementation while ensuring quality
  • Right data integration strategy – considering both structured (transactional) and unstructured (non-transactional) data sources
  • Standard analytics – The storyboards ensure standard analytics irrespective of reporting / analytics tool to be considered. This way standardization can be achieved
  • Big Data Analytics – covering real time analytics, voluminous data handling and event based triggering
  • Predictive Analytics – for the appropriate scenarios and can be implemented for the customers on-demands
  • Configurable – in terms of KPIs and high level modules, providing required flexibility and adaptability
  • Pre-built security module – and is configurable to specific customer needs
  • HIPAA-compliant data model – ensures adherence to healthcare regulation standards and business rules to be followed by ISV customers (e.g. MU stage2 and stage 3, ICD 9 to ICD 10, PQRS reporting standards etc.)
  • Scalable Architecture – for any future requirements and modifications to these frameworks

Healthcare Analytical Functional Framework

Leading industry players are responding to rapidly evolving healthcare practices and policies with heavy investment in IT healthcare systems and cloud-based technologies. More than ever, today healthcare organizations have strong demand for real-time integrated information to make informed clinical and business decisions.
Though hospital systems accumulate volumes of clinical and non-clinical data, this data is fragmented across various systems. This scattered data impedes informed decision making and improvement processes.

Realizing this market gap, TechVelocity Partners brings you our specialized Analytical Functional Framework, empowering healthcare decision makers with real-time cross-functional data and analytics. This gives you a 360 degree performance overview helping improve your hospital safety, costs and business outcomes.

TVP has systematically invested and built expertise in the healthcare arena. These frameworks are the outcomes of our rich expertise with US Healthcare industry players and processes around Providers, Payers, Revenue Cycle Management, Consumer Health, Medical Billing etc.

Configuration of framework includes performing:

  • Data Integration
  • Populating Data warehouse
  • KPIs and Analytics Configuration
Major Components Of Healthcare Framework
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