DevOps is becoming one of the most popular and widely adopted methodologies in the tech world.

Enterprises and start-ups are disrupting the consumer market thru innovative solutions and new revenue generating models. One of the key aspect of innovation is ability to rapid prototype and scale at a speed which is not possible using traditional software development approaches. Infrastructure management program leveraging cloud platforms which supports on-demand provisioning and elasticity can support rapid prototyping and scaling capabilities of any organization. DevOps is the practice technology leaders are adopting to help build these capabilities.

DevOps involves automation and integration of application life cycle phases such as development, Testing and deployment process. This would include various software tools used to manage the software delivery, Public or private cloud platform to host the software and infrastructure components to provide scalability and robustness to the software solution.

TVP DevOps Service Offerings

Cloud Infrastructure DevOps
  • Design and configure infrastructure in cloud
  • Automate deployment of services
  • Aggregate logs from different services and servers for easy troubleshooting
  • Application configuration and troubleshooting
  • Identity Management and SSO implementation
Cloud Migrations
  • Design migration strategy for least application downtime
  • Execute migrations in optimal way
  • Performance tuning
  • DB migration
  • Development of automated deployment of services and configuring them
  • Automated security tuning
  • Development Continuous Integration implementation
Big Data
  • Design, configuration and administration of Big Data services
  • Data pipeline configuration
  • Performance benchmarking of services
  • Configure and administer IOT infrastructure in Cloud
  • Performance optimize services
  • Monitor and manage infrastructure for high uptime


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