SMAC Platform


You don’t need to be reminded,
you need a SMAC

You know that the market is fast-moving ...unforgiving…and 24/7 mobile, social, mobile.

SMAC (Social-Mobile-Analytics-Cloud) is powerful approach that delivers a purposeful blend of multiple technologies with distinct functionalities integrated into a single platform. IOS. Android. MicroSoft. Linux. And the next big thing, then it comes.

We have systematically planned and invested in building strong, extensible and customizable automation frameworks around SMAC with a suite of ready test cases to accelerate your time-to-market.

Our approach is technology-agnostic and modular. And these frameworks can be readily deployed in your projects and integrated with different tools (commercial and open source) to deliver a faster ROI. (Yes, we'll help you be a hero on every level of technology and ROI.)

SMAC framework is increasingly seen as a promising solution by global industry leaders’ to succeed in the unforgiving competitive market and fast moving world of technology.

TechVelocity Partners SMAC Frameworks
Solution FrameworksIndustry / DomainInstant Benefits
Common Application Framework
Do you need to build Microsoft .NET based products?
Want to save 4 months of development efforts?
Our framework consists of all common modules required for new product development across a range of web and desktop applications
Cloud Framework
Do you need IT products to be built using Azure or AWS?
Want to save 2 months of development effort?
This framework helps rapid development of products which wants to leverage public cloud such as Microsoft Azure or Amazon web services
SaaS Framework
Do you need to build SaaS-based products on top of SharePoint?
Want to save 6-8 months of development efforts?
This framework helps rapid development of products which wants to implement SaaS on top of SharePoint
SharePoint Migration Assessment Utility
Application for all industries which require upgrading of SharePoint platform
Want to save 2-3 weeks of analysis phase?
This framework helps in assessing the current SharePoint Farm and its load
Helps in accurate estimation and better planning of migrating the SharePoint platform
HTML5 Reporting Framework
Application for all industries which require Ad-hoc browser based reporting tool
- This framework helps non-technical end users can easily create reports as per their need without having to deal with IT admin
- Can be easily plugged with an existing Web or desktop solution built in any technology
- This framework supports following features:
• Connect to MS-SQL tables/stored procedure/views
• Draw Table Reports
• Draw Pie, Bar and Line charts
• Supports group-by, Sub-total, simple math, string functions etc.