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Pramod Kelkar, M.D.


As a physician at the Mayo Clinic — one of the country’s leading medical institutions — I was acutely aware of the oath we all took to cater to a patient's needs. And we take pride in educating patients if there is a disconnect between their wants and needs.

When I started developing products and services in the healthcare arena, I found that this "caring" orientation was lacking in the IT industry. Since I'd been involved with a variety of IT projects as part of my roles in those organizations… managing my own clinical practice… and performing other advisory roles with a number of startups, I saw this lack of support, and a dismal failure of orientation, however well-intentioned some of these companies might be. This frustrated me — after all, it's obvious that  IT is an inseparable and vital part of any business. We wanted real technology partners...

...and we we wanted to make that right — that's one of the main reasons we built our team and recently expanded TechVelocity Partners.

A major influence on my training was at the Mayo clinic and have been practicing medicine for more than 20 years — in India, Germany, Austria and Switzerland — transforming the health of thousands of patients. Working with national and local medical organizations, and a variety of startups, I had the opportunity to guide new and established companies in their product development and marketing. And I’m proud to be part of this company. And I take an oath that our company of technology partners will stand behind yours in helping you make good decisions for now and the future.

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