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Bala Guntipalli


As my 20+ year career in IT development and management have evolved, I quickly learned valuable business and technology perspective from "both sides of the coin." On the one hand, I have worked with The Big 5, and Fortune 500 companies such as Accenture (Anderson), IBM, Microsoft, Cox Automotive. Also, on the other hand, I have been a hands-on technology provider, and have run a consulting services practice specializing in Quality Assurance, CRM, and Product Engineering.

I have worked on many occasions alongside the business leaders and we mutually defined business strategies. I have seen over the years where IT can provide the best value to the business is not only by “order-taking” but also by “order-shaping”, and I understand the "Business Acumen" and strive to get the big picture.

My ultimate goal is to deliver technology that the business needs and ensure that both internal and external clients are delighted with IT.

I read business books recommended by top business leaders, and schedule meetings throughout the year to increase my knowledge of the business so IT can deliver value in the appropriate areas.

When budgets are large, we can build more room for planning… smaller companies usually need us to hit the ground running. Either way, I have become adept at getting programs done effectively, under or on the budget, and on time. I help clients produce far more successes – and there's always something valuable to learn.

Moreover, whether you view IT as a needed cost or as a service that helps the company produce value, I work behind the scenes to consistently produce strong results for Agile, legacy or disruptive programs with measurable results. I recognize the responsibility I have to make sure IT supports the company’s business efforts, and meet the company's P&L needs, Lowering Time-to-Market & TCO and increased ROI.

I have had the opportunity to work with CIO/CTO's, to provide incisive direction to mission-ready teams of experienced technology partners to take each goal from concept through realization. Those skills earned along the journey include certification as MCSD (Microsoft), Principle Certified Applications Developer, Domino Systems Administrator (IBM), Certified ScrumMaster® ( Scrum Alliance, Inc.), and much more. And along the way, I earned my M.B.A from the University of Phoenix and Madurai University and Mini M.B.A in Healthcare Administration from the University of St. Thomas in MN.

With my experience in using the skills learned from some of the top business leaders in the industry and putting the right people on the project, to delivering results, improving processes, to making sure "the dots are connected"... my passion for doing great work, and solving business problems to "Make IT" happen has amplified over the years.

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