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When you choose TechVelocity Partners you get both:

velocity in your technology...
…and a partner who really has your back.

Want to know about our "3 Primary Differentiators"... and more?


1) Our Software Development Lifecycle Doesn’t Start With Fuzzy Requirements

When someone slips a list of requirements under the door of the IT Department, you can’t expect great results. The stages of development need to be clearly thought out, with good input from your teams…and crisply produced.

TechVelocity Partners helps you plan and execute at each stage far more efficiently. For better results and profitability.  You bring the concept…we’ll engineer insightful, efficient requirements for you

Concept > Requirements >Design > Coding > Rollout > Testing > Maintenance & Updates

Everything is handled in-house, we don’t have you bouncing around to different vendors, who might each have some decent ideas…that are cobbled together to “mostly” work okay.

Nope. That doesn’t make sense to us.

As soon as we know you’re on board with us, we help you write your requirements a whole lot better. And faster. We’ll give you some smarter thinking upfront, so you can shoot ahead with a powerful trajectory


2) Our "Super Business Techies”
Add Value & Subtract Disconnects

You’ve seen this too many times: management needs technology, and they jump in. But the techs miss the opportunity to make it work well. Usually there’s not enough understanding of what to do, and how to do it…

…and it doesn’t matter whose "fault" it is, it just could be a whole lot better. And produced more efficiently.

That kind of thing can also happen within the technology company you hire. While some companies might have a Business Analyst help you, the Techies takes over, and lots can be lost in translation. How do you connect the dots and make it work more efficiently and produce better results?

Okay, here's the punchline:

Our "Business Techies" combine the skills of Business Analyst and Techie. Think: Swiss Army Knife.TM Or the  TransformersTM characters.

They make sure they know what you want…are able to translate this into efficient technology solutions…they add recommendations of high value…and enable your vital program to proceed with velocity.
Doesn’t that make a lot of sense to you?


3) Our Industry-Leading TechVelocity Frameworks
And Accelerators Get You Started And To Market... Faster

When your company's profitability and efficiency is on the line, you can’t waste time or duplicate efforts. You need reduced TCO and faster ROI. We get it.

So we produce prototypes more quickly for you than most software application companies — particularly in a number of specialty areas, including healthcare and manufacturing.

One you have a proper and stable framework in place, your software capabilities are ready for continuous improvement and updates, as needed.  So your processes are modular and easily scalable… for real, not just talk.

And the software ecosystem we develop for you is manageable...from the points of view of the CTO/CIOs...and the CFO/COOs.

Some companies talk about it. They wish they really did this. We accelerate your program’s startup....and we do it really well...

...so you can move forward…you remember the mantra now…with TechVelocity.

Okay, you see the value of the 3 Big Differentiators.

You agree it’s a big deal.

Want more reasons to choose TechVelocity Partners?


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