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Peter Bartling
Chief Operating Officer


As TVP's Chief Operating Officer, Peter is responsible for improving efficiency in overall operations, with an outstanding track record in helping companies achieve success.

As an experienced hands-on executive, Peter has heavy experience in healthcare, banking, and hospitality chains. He has developed programs that range from new management models… to improved operational efficiency... financial management... modernized facilities... and much more.

Peter's diverse management background includes strength in building healthy work environments with strong management teams; and expanding business through mergers, acquisitions and joint ventures.

He has worked as CEO with Minnesota Oncology Hematology, P.A., and Consulting Radiologists, Ltd., and held senior positions with AT&T, Wells Fargo & Company and Holiday Inn/Perkins.

Among his academic credentials, Peter attended the Harvard Graduate School of Business Administration's Executive Education Program, has an MBA from University of St. Thomas, an MA from The University of Southern California, Bachelors in Business Administration from Washington University and won a Bush Fellowship.


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