You’ll hear all kinds of things from technology consulting companies,

like "client-centric"…extensible and scalable…
you even sometimes still hear "robust"…
...and you just want to scream.

It's time for some straight talk about what really goes on
in the business of IT consulting.

Candid Conversation:

Sharing 6 Key Observations About IT Consulting Success & Mistakes

It makes sense that there is so much focus and activity around IT, because it runs business everywhere across the globe. Yes there are some basic tendencies …and some things we’ve learned…which are game changers in the IT consulting field.

When our team leaders developed winning development for companies like Accenture / Anderson, IBM, and working with Microsoft consultants…we noticed some patterns. These range from "Do It Later"... to "Let’s Just Do What Works Now."

Observation 1


Of course everyone has fires to put out. But when you wait long enough that an ember turns into a raging fire, the main interest you will have is “put the fire out!” Yes, that’s needed, but you want to think beyond this short-term need – even if it’s very important -- beyond the immediate fire.

This pattern can cause last-minute confusion, where the direction is not properly set and focused...budget increase... and the evil “scope creep.”

This observation is related to other insights, coming up. Please read on.

Observation 2


We know you want to get going quickly. And we also know that as the project progresses, and in the long term, you want to develop exactly what they need, right on target. And the only way you can do that properly is with smart consulting.

We pride ourselves on not being just “order takers.” We have real-life experience with some of the largest (and smallest!) companies in the country. And we think it’s our job to be of service to you. Not just in theory...but in practice. Creating IT consulting success means playing with a smarter IT trajectory.

Observation 3


External consultants sometimes want to grab your contract...and run. That quick transaction is not how we can help you move ahead faster.

Internal consultants sometimes hit a wall. They know there’s a better way to do a program, but they can’t risk saying so, because they know it’s knownot “politically correct”…that their own job security might be at risk, if they tell the truth as they see it. So they keep quiet. And the company misses an opportunity to move forward efficiently with velocity.

Whether we put the full power of our “external” consulting organization behind you…or work with the folks in your “internal” operation…we share the principle of that well-known expression...

“Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day;

teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

We think our job is to share our expertise, in order to create technological success for your company. And our skills, with you. We’ll even give you “cheat sheets” and checklists, so you can be as self-sufficient as possible. So you can fish in productive business waters.

Observation 4


So many client companies have deep experience...but create dependency on their technology experts. And since we provide this consulting, of course we’re available for your needs.

The point that’s often missed, is that there’s a set of good consulting skills that you should be aware of, in order to determine whether you need outside consulting, to evaluate your internal team. If you know how to evaluate your needs and the skills ofyour team, you can lead and manage your programs more effectively.

So the secret question is:

What makes for a good consultant?

Depending on the program, creating IT consulting success usually means we apply these criteria…

  1. Good analytical and technical skills for tricky problems.
  2. They bring you ready-made solutions for common problems, when we’re sure the issues are straightforward.
  3. They offer good options, based on what’s best for the program (not the consultant’s bank account).
  4. They provide pointers to right resources both online and printed materials.
  5. Make you Aware of pitfalls about what can go wrong & how to handle it.
  6. They give you quick simple & short cheat sheet/checklist of Dos and Don’ts (with the rationale behind them)... a crazy idea, right?
  7. Build the focus on Financials (ROI’s) & invest on RIGHT things
  8. Their approach should be "lean."
  9. Help you realize your existing investments (internal resources, your employees/tools/software etc.)
  10. Help you realize your Vital 20% (80/20 rule)
  11. Help you realize using consultant services just enough (and avoid becoming dependent on him)

Observation 5


When you are stuck, consultants should…

  • Empower your teams to identify what went wrong and skills to solve it.
  • Solve short-term problems without affecting the long-term goals.
  • Identify your internal experts, and train them to come up with a road map that helps you move ahead and produce what you want.

Observation 6


Let me assure you that this is one of the first and foremost question everybody ask us. I can promise you that exemplary services don't need to be exorbitantly priced.

Our clients tell us there are many "pseudo consultants" from big consulting companies who offer technology consulting "solutions" – but the "solution" they offer is "How do we get bigger billable hours / contracts for our company?" Your costs can soar.

Can you find consultants who combine great work at reasonable cost?

To be honest, it’s not easy to find business technology consultants who truly have your interests in mind. They are the ones who work quietly and relentlessly. They are the ones who solve the problems with passion rather than desire to make quick buck and take advantage of the situation.

We think of ourselves as these kinds of passionate business consulting professionals. Our tools are great technology consulting and processes. We hope you find the best folks in the field. And if your company and ours think there is a good match of interests, we will be very pleased to be of service to your company, and help you bring your business success to a higher velocity.



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